C-Suite Corporate Training

Organizations looking to build a stronger team, address productivity vs. activity, or change the mindset of the company can benefit from personalized corporate training classes with Logan. Logan works with the C-Suite and boards of directors for companies to help identify areas for improvement.
Logan’s experience as the owner of multiple companies (one of which is a billion-dollar company) gives him a unique perspective to provide insight for company direction, attitude, and productivity! Logan frequently works with CEOs from around the nation to help mentor and provide insightful direction on how to bring the company to the next level. Frequently getting the entire organization working as a team and bringing on key influencers is a major factor in a company’s long-term success.
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Professional Keynote Speaker

Being the keynote speaker for an event requires a special characteristic. Keynote speakers must have the ability to tell a story that entertains, engages, and informs the audience. Speakers must draw from their life experiences and be able to deliver a message that inspires and educates.
Life ExperiencesLogan Stout is in a unique position when compared to other keynote speakers. His professional career has given him experience in the professional sports arena and has won championships at the pro, college, and amateur levels including more than 10 World Series titles. He has also been a minister, presidential director of a billion-dollar company, and professional speaker addressing crowds in the thousands. His broad range of experience gives him a unique ability to be able to approach topics from a multitude of angles and life experiences. The proof is in the pudding and Logan has the substance to back the words he shares from the stage.
SpeakingSharing stories from his vast life experience in baseball, business, and more are things that Logan brings with love and excitement. Logan has given thousands of speeches across the United States. He is a sought after speaker that not only entertains but brings about the change needed in organizations that book him. Organizations that have brought him in to present to their leaders consistently see an increase in the bottom line. Logan’s focus on defining success and giving the tools to work towards it are critical in business and team development.
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