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Our desire is that this will serve as a resource for you, whether you are interested in knowing how you can book Logan as the keynote speaker at your next event, seeking knowledge in team building, or a stay at home parent looking to reach your God-given potential so you can better serve your family. It’s critical we refine ourselves daily to be the best version of ourselves. Then, and only then, can we truly reach our God-given potential in life. With that said, we hope you will check in weekly as we look forward to serving you.

God Bless!
Whitney McKinneyCoordinator of Business Operations for the Defining Success Team

Stout Advice: Adversity

Logan talks about a word we have all experienced. Adversity. Listen to some thoughts on how to change the way you look at adverse moments.

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From Logan – Welcome to the site

“Hey Everyone, I am thrilled to announce the new www.loganstout.com website is now live! I will have a live video messages each week, guests, and other great announcements. Please be sure to subscribe (it’s free), and you will be updated with all of the happenings going on! Thanks so much for following, and I pray the new site helps you and all you know define, obtain, advance, and pass on SUCCESS! ”
~ Logan Stout

LoganStout.com launches

We are excited to announce the release of the new LoganStout.com. We will be using this site to share tools, events, and helpful information to grow your organization. Logan will also promote products and resources he has written or found that are proving to be useful in helping people reach success. Keep an eye out as the site grows and brings even more resources to you, directly from Logan Stout!