Stout Advice: Success

Success – Reach Your God Given Potential in Life!Logan speaks about using the potential that God has given you to the fullest. By defining success we understand the basis and foundation of where we are suppose to go from there.

Stout Advice: Self Talk

Self Talk – Get the right imagery in your head
Logan speaks about the images we put in our mind and the necessity to focus on the positive over the negative. If I tell you to NOT think of a black and white cow, what do you immediately imagine? Logan stresses the importance of putting the things you do want in your head over the things you don’t want.

Stout Advice: Mindset

Don’t let negative thoughts take over your mindset and rob you of valuable inventory space in your mind. Take the bad inventory out and replace it with good inventory!

Action items from the video:
Write down your negative thoughts
Let go of the negative inventory
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