Stout Advice: Perfectionism

Perfectionism can be a both a pro and a con in life. It’s positive when it drives you to a level of success that many people don’t have a desire to achieve. Perfectionism becomes negative when you have unrealistic expectations of what you are trying to accomplish. Evaluate the areas in your life where you strive for perfecionism. Do you need to target new areas of perfectionism?
Action Items
Write down negative perfectionism
Target perfectionism to new areas

Stout Advice: Dreams

Logan talks about dreaming big!Did you know it takes the same amount of time to dream small as it does to dream big? Life only beats you down if you allow it to. You only limit your dreams when you dream about what can’t be instead of what can be. Be inspired and dream big!
Action Items:
Write down your dreams
Make a plan for your dreams

Stout Advice: Courage

Don’t be afraid to fail or be turned down. You have to have courage in life if you are going to capitalize on defining moments that appear in your life. It is your choice that leads towards action that leads towards success. Be sure to have the courage to face the moment and capitalize on it. If you want to be great in life, there are going to be moments that require courage, work now to build that courage.
Action items:
Make a list of defining moments
Recognize the times you took action
Recall the outcomed

Stout Advice: Substance

Logan speaks around the analogy of your substance and an apple that appears great on the outside but maybe isn’t on the inside. What things are you striving to look like on the outside that maybe are not necessarily how you feel on the inside. Define your substance, watch the video and take note of the action items for this week.
Logan is a professional keynote speaker and published author, we invite you to learn more about and purchase his book, Stout Advice.
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