Stout Advice: Inspiration

What inspires you? Who inspires you? To do something huge or great it takes some kind of inspiration. We need people in our lives who lift us up and inspire us.
Action items:
Write down all the people who inspire you.
Thank the people who have inspired you.
How can you be an inspiration to somebody else?

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Stout Advice: Teamwork

One of the keys to success is surrounding yourself with great people. Great people equate to great teams. The better your teammates, the better your team.
When evaluating teamwork it’s important to ask yourself two things:
What value do you bring as an individual to all the teams you work with?
Within the teams you work with, who brings great value that you can learn from?
Action Items:
Write down a list of people you are involved with
Write down what you can do to be the best teammate as possible
Write down the things you can do better

Stout Advice: Know your why

Life is full of Why’s. Why you do something. Your purpose for what you are doing. Your why is what ultimately keeps you going through good times and the bad. Life is going to have adversity and discouraging moments but never lose track of why you are doing what it is you are doing.
Action Items:
Write down your why
Identify what locks you in