Commitment – “Let your yes be your yes and your no be your no”

Don’t back out of a commitment just because of a little adversity. It’s important that we honor our commitments and do what we say we are going to do. When you do this you become dependable and trusted. Being trusted by others gives you a platform where people believe in you and therefore will count on you; thus, giving you opportunities that you otherwise would not have.

Action Items
Write down the times you wanted to bail
Write down what you did

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Stout Advice: Tips to Stop Procrastination – Do it now!

Charles Dickens said it well when he said “My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.” If you are going to be a champion then you have to understand the “do it now” concept. Not procrastinating brings you a peace of mind. Items left undone create stress and weigh you down.

Action Items to Stop Procrastination:
Write down all the things you should do
Write down when you’re going to do it

Stout Advice: Balance

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This week’s Stout Advice is about: Balance
It’s important to keep balance in life. The more we have going on, the harder it is to keep the balance. The people we love the most often end up getting our leftover time. It’s important to reflect on the things we have going on so that we can be the very best in all the areas of our lives.
Action Items:
Write down everything you do
Prioritize the things you do

Stout Advice: Comfort Zone

This week Logan talks about comfort zones. Until we grow outside our comfort zone, we have no idea just how far we can go. The bigger your comfort zone, the better you are in front of any audience or any group of people.
Action Items:
Write down a list of what scares you
Do something outside your comfort zone

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Logan on Fox News

Logan was on Fox News this morning, be sure to take a look at this quick video.
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Stout Advice: Tenacity

This week Logan speaks on Tenacity! Tenacity is the commitment to the task and what helps drive your success. As long as your motives and intensions are pure, tenacity is a great thing. It’s important to check your motives on what you are tenacious towards.
Action Items
Write down your experiences when you weren’t tenacious
Write down the things you need to be more tenacious about
Make sure your motives are pure