Stout Advice: Failure

We all have moments where things don’t go as we expected them to. Failing moments are what makes us appreciate the great moments. It’s through failing moments that we become humble and hungry. Action Items:
Write down the challenges in your life.
What was your mindset during those moments?

Stout Advice: Optimism / Pessimism

It’s important that we are realistically optimistic. Realism is the crucial component between optimism and pessimism. As we live our lives it’s important to have a positive and realistic outlook on things in order to stay grounded in the truth and accomplish our goals and dreams.
Action items:
Make a list of projects in your life.
Ask yourself: “Am I being realistic?”

Stout Advice: Loyalty

This week Logan talks about the importance of having a loyal mindset. People tend to look for the next big thing; however, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. The grass is greener where you water it.
Action Items:
List your life teams
Find ways you can make green grass grow