Stout Advice: Rest

Rest is critically important. The greatest leader of all time took time to rest. Don’t confuse rest with laziness, it is actually a necessity. Make sure there are times of your day where your electronic devices are off and that you are present in the moment with the people that surround you. Rest allows us to operate at a higher level.
Action Items
Make time to rest
Spend quality time with the people you care most about
Watch the video for even more tips

Stout Advice: Diligence

Diligence is required for success. The ability to see the course and have the ability to keep working through the entire path. The ability to stick with things is critical.
Action Items
Watch the video
Evaluate your life. What situations are causing road blocks? What can you do to control the situation?
Think about past moments where you have quit and should have stuck with it.