Stout Advice: Humility

A Special Message from Logan:I want to take a moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas and to thank you all for the graces and joys you bring to my life. This has been an exciting year and I hope that I have helped bring value to your life through the Stout Advice videos and more. Enjoy this time with your family and plan to make 2014 your best year yet!
Merry Christmas and happy new year from Haley and I (and the boys) and the rest of my fantastic team in all my organizations! – Logan
Today’s Stout Advice: HumilityGreat leaders are aware and need to have a humble confidence. Where we tend to lose our humility are times where we may feel we have “arrived” or read our own press. It is so important to keep your humility during these times as it takes confidence to be successful but it takes humility to be liked. Check your own heart – are you grateful for your opportunities or do you feel entitled? Understand the difference.
Action Items
Evaluate yourself – In what areas of your life are you humble? Are you living in a proper balance of humility and confidence?
Evaluate your environment – Are there areas or times where you are too humble or too confident?
Have a humble confidence – We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming year and sharing more through Stout Advice!

Stout Advice: Opportunity

Learn the 3 things Logan Stout uses to evaluate opportunities.
As the New Year approaches and many are considering and creating goals, it is important to think about ways to achieve those goals through the opportunities that life presents. Logan evaluates opportunities using the 3 factors listed below in the order listed.
How to evaluate opportunity:
Who is behind the opportunity? Consider their: Character, competency, and chemistry with you
What – What is the product? Can you truly believe in the product and is it a value-add to people’s lives?
Can you make money?
Most people evaluate opportunities in the reverse order asking if they can make money first. Never sacrifice your character or integrity for a dollar. Watch the video for additional details and be sure to share it with friends when done watching.

Stout Advice: Patience

Logan Stout shares why he is qualified to talk about this week’s term, which is patience. Whenever he finds that he may have been impatient because something took longer than desired, he steps back, re-evaluates the situation and goes back to make corrections where needed.
When grinding through a new business opportunity or frequently when working in sales related opportunities, it can often take longer for the deal to close than desired, so having patience is critical in these moments.
Action Items
Watch the video (from Logan Stout on YouTube)
Go back and evaluate situations where you were impatient. What could you have done differently?
Whenever you get impatient, step back, take a step back and reassess; keep your eye on the big picture and move forward.

Stout Advice: Clarity

As another new year rapidly approaches and many decisions are being made for what to do in the upcoming year; Logan Stout shares some advice on how to achieve “Clarity” in making decisions. How to get clarity for decisions you must make. Logan talks about some of the steps he gets ‘clarity’ for important life decisions. Logan talks about the importance of prayer to seek clarity and guidance in these important decisions. God will open up doors when you take the time to ask and seek clarity before making decisions.
Action Items
Look at some of the big decisions you need to make and re-evaluate them
Look back on a time you made a decision and didn’t have clarity first. What happened?