Stout Advice: Vision

This week Logan talks about Vision. Whether you are a parent or a business leader, vision is one of the most important keys to success. The greatest leaders are visionaries, and most importantly visionaries for other people’s lives. Great leaders help people to see outcomes that they wouldn’t normally be able to see or imagine.
Action items:
Watch the video above.
Identify situations in your life where you’re limiting your vision.
Who in your life can you help with their vision?

Stout Advice: 5 pillars of Nourishment

This week Logan talks about the 5 pillars of Nourishment: mental, spiritual, physical, financial, and emotional. They all coincide with each other and all balance each other so it’s important to analyze all of them.
Action Items:
Watch this video
Write down the 5 pillars of Nourishment. Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Financial, and Emotional: how are you nourishing?
Where is nourishment lacking and what is the cost?

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Stout Advice: Mentor

Logan talks about the need for a Mentor. Every great leader was at some point in time an even better follower. What makes a great mentor?
Three components of a great mentor:
Models the right behavior – Do as I do!
Understands the importance of training
Equipping – Giving people the tools they need to succeed
Action Items:
Watch this week’s video
Who is your mentor? Are they doing the above components?
Who are you mentoring? – One of the greatest blessings of receiving is to share and pay-it-forward.
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