Stout Advice: Alignment

This week Logan talks about the role “alignment” plays in success. It’s important to align ourselves with the right people so that we have the best teams in our lives. When the alignment piece is in play, success will follow!
Action Items:
List major elements in your life: with whom are you aligned?
Intentionally align yourself with the right people.

Stout Advice: Re-Do

In life we often operate like a computer. Sometimes it’s necessary to “reboot” our mindset. When things don’t go the way we want them to, we end up forcing the issue and making a bigger mess. Anger and frustration get the best of us. We need to control-alt-delete and reboot just like a computer. We have to clear our minds because we aren’t going to make good decisions with a cloudy mindset. Great decisions have to come from a responsible, clear level head, not a reactionary head.
Action Items
What is causing you to struggle right now?
Hit Control-Alt-Delete. Look at things with a clear head.

Stout Advice: Miracles

Some people believe in miracles and some people don’t. What you resist in life, you won’t benefit from. If you resist the idea of a miracle taking place, then you probably won’t benefit from it. If you limit the possibilities of what can take place in life, then you are limiting the benefits of those possibilities for you and yours. If you believe amazing things can happen, you will be surprised by the blessings that will come from it. Not to say it’s a “genie in a bottle” concept, you still have to be proactive. Faith is an amazing thing. God can perform miracles in our lives, and when we are obedient to that, miracles can occur.

Action Items:
Turn over your struggles to a higher power
Be patient!
We hope you have a blessed week and remember to have faith in the possibility of miracles!