Stout Advice: Turbulence

You are going to experience turbulence in life. It’s inevitable. Just like a plane, we are equipped for turbulence. God is not going to give us more than we can handle. Turbulence grounds us because it helps us reflect back on all the things that are important to us.
Action Items:
List any turbulence you have in your life right now.
Remember that you were built for turbulence.

Stout Advice: Fear

This week Logan discusses “fear” and uses an acronym to simply define it: false evidence appearing real. Usually there isn’t anything to fear and it’s just something we create in our mind. When we get a fearful mindset we tend to not respond accordingly.
Action Items:
Think back on times when you feared the worst.
Avoid worry, comparing yourself to others, and assuming.
It’s important to remember that fear ultimately leads to outcomes that we don’t desire. We hope you have a blessed and fearless week!

Stout Advice: Seize the Moment

Every single one of us will have opportunities that will change the course of our life, but very few people will seize the moment. The opportunity never goes away, it goes to someone else. You will miss 100% of the opportunities that you don’t pursue. It’s important to analyze the opportunity so we seize the right moments.
Action Items:
What are some open opportunities in your life?
Seize the moment!
Remember, you are one small defining choice away from changing your life forever!