Stout Advice: Passion

“If you’re on fire, people will drive for miles to watch you burn.” – John Wesley
When you look at people who are successful in life, they’re passionate. Passion is the common denominator of success, not money. It’s not a job when you have passion for what you do. The difference between just existing and thriving is having passion for what you do.
Action Items
Look at your life and ask yourself what is burning inside you…what is your passion?
Make a game plan to make your passion your job. Figure out how to get paid for what you love.
Thanks for joining us this week on Stout Advice. We hope you have a blessed week and that you are living a life full of passion!

Stout Advice: Discipline

This week on Stout Advice Logan discusses the role that disciple plays in achieving your goals and success. Discipline is the difference between doing what you are supposed to be doing and not doing what you are supposed to be doing. It’s what separates those who have accomplished their goals and achieved success versus those who have not. Doing the right things repeatedly over an extended period of time will lead you to the results you want; most people don’t have the discipline to do this.
Action Items:
Make a list of all the things in your life where you need to be more disciplined.
Write down the things you need to stop doing. Replace these things with what you are going to do instead.
Make sure you put your list in a visible place where you see it everyday.
Thanks for joining us on Stout Advice. We hope you have a blessed week!

Stout Advice: Expense Vs. Investment

Good afternoon everyone,
This week Logan talks about the difference between expenses and investments. An expense can be an investment. Some expenses are a waste of time and money. There are other expenses that are necessary because they are an investment in your business, your mindset, or future. In order to get ahead in life it’s going to take an expense, whether it’s your money or your time.
Action Items:
Make a written list of all your expenses.
Of these expenses, determine :A. Which are an investment and add value?B. Which are not an investment and can be eliminated?
When you use your expenses wisely, it’s an investment in yourself. It’s critical to invest in yourself in order to have success in life.
Thanks for joining us today and we hope you have a blessed week! God bless!