Stout Advice: Failure

We all have moments where things don’t go as we expected them to. Failing moments are what makes us appreciate the great moments. It’s through failing moments that we become humble and hungry. Action Items:
Write down the challenges in your life.
What was your mindset during those moments?

Stout Advice: Know Your Why

Life is full of Why’s. Why you do something. Your purpose for what you are doing. Your why is what ultimately keeps you going through good times and the bad. Life is going to have adversity and discouraging moments but never lose track of why you are doing what it is you are doing.
Action Items:
Write down your why
Identify what locks you in

Stout Advice: Success

Success – Reach Your God Given Potential in Life!Logan speaks about using the potential that God has given you to the fullest. By defining success we understand the basis and foundation of where we are suppose to go from there.