Stout Advice: Instilling Belief in Others

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell
Do you express to people how much you believe in them? In turn, do people pour into you with encouraging words of advice? Many times in the work place it is easy to get pulled down by the daily grind day after day. If you are in a leadership role, it is so important to hold a stance of concern for your teammates instead of criticize. Managing from the heart will encourage your teammates in the company to respect you and want to work at their A game every single day.
Action items:
Instill belief in others.
Look for those opportunities.
Think back on those times you were able to pour into someone or needed to have a difficult conversation and ask yourself if you handled those situations right. Respect for each other will reap many benefits for your relationships in the future!

Stout Advice: Guidance

Are you constantly learning and taking notes from the people around you? No matter how old we get, there are always qualities in our lives that can be improved and worked on daily. If you take time and listen to people more than you talk, you will be able to learn valuable lessons from them instead of learning the hard way.
Action Items:
Who do you want to become?
Look for the learning moment.
Everyone you come into contact with has valuable lessons they’ve learned and a past you may know nothing about. Let’s take more time listening to others and taking notes, and in return, pour your knowledge and life lessons into others’ lives. Have a blessed week!
Even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone, find those encouraging people in your life. Be that awesome person and other awesome people will find you. Have a blessed week!
Video Transcription
Everyone, Logan Stout here. This week on Stout Advice is kind of special. I walked to my office yesterday and you can see somebody gave me this book and you can see this picture of me taking notes. And it’s so funny because it never dawned on me that this is an event that John Maxwell and I where speaking at together. And it never dawned on me how people thought it was such a big deal. You know we got in invaded on social media and everything going. “Wow, look Logan Stout’s taking notes.” Please don’t take it arrogantly because… look, here’s the moral of this video, this week’s video is this, “Yeah, I’m always taking notes.” So I don’t care who you are. The day you think you got everything figured out, you’re wrong. I mean you’re destined for failure. I mean in the day you got to be always learning and growing. It is either getting better or getting worse. There is no stagnation. So that picture, it was interesting to me that people put that picture on a book of me taking notes and they thought it was a big deal. They’re all over the social media because people, I guess just assumed you know Logan is an author, a public speaker and you know a successful business owner. I guess they think that, you know, I don’t what to think. But for me, any time I had an event. Even I’m not the keynote speaker. I go in the audience and take notes. Even if the person first time to speak, I take notes because you take the meat and potato and you spit out the bones, right? What does it means is this, every human being you can learn something from them. I don’t care if they are young, old, in between, you can learn from everybody.
And for this week’s stout advice, the teachable moment here, is be coachable. Understand that you never have all figured out. Any time I go out and speak on big events, I am always just baffled how people are chamming up in the hallways, talking or on their cell phones, when they can be sitting here and get fed, they can be learning and growing as a human being and so you heard me say it before if read my book “The Stages of the Mentorship Process” but I believe that the personal development liberates the human being to reach your God-given potential in life. Well, John Maxwell was my mentor. I had such privilege to be in pebble beach with his wife Margaret, and my wife having dinner, breaking bread and playing golf of course and we had a great time. And you know, it doesn’t matter where you are in life and who you are in life. We are all human beings. And every expert was in one point in time is a beginner. And for me personally, the world views me as some expert, I always see myself as a beginner. Because I always have a lot of room for growth. And I want to encourage you to do the same thing.
So the action items for this week is very simple, who do you want to become? Find someone to follow. Every great leader was at one point in time was a great follower and continues to be a great follower. Find somebody and learn from them. Take great notes.
And the second action item is this: everything you do, any time you had a chance, look for the learning moment, the coachable moment. The moment where you can grow. Because I promise you, if you are looking for ways to learn and grow, you’ll find them. But if you think you’re the expert, if you think you got it all figured out, you’ll miss great learning opportunities. So always be looking for great opportunities to learn and grow as a human being and I promise you will grow and you will learn as a human being.
So again I have to share you this picture with you. Thank you who ever put that book together and sent it to our office that was so pretty cool. But I hope you guys had a great week, this week and I can’t wait to see you next week on Stout Advice.

Stout Advice: Alignment

“Alignment before assignment” Alignment is an important lesson to grasp because who you surround yourself in life will define who you start to become. Your assignments in life have no value if you are surrounding yourself with the wrong people.

Action items:
Who do you spend the most time with?
Evaluate if those people need to change.
Identify who you want to live life with.
Even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone, find those encouraging people in your life. Be that awesome person and other awesome people will find you. Have a blessed week!

Stout Advice: Perspective

Perspective is your particular attitude toward your point of view. How you perceive things can change the way you act and the way you feel each day. Sometimes taking a step back from each situation and looking at the big picture can help give you a healthier perspective.
Action items:
Start off every day with the right perspective.
Help pay it forward.
Take time to change your perspective on life and for each situation that comes your way. Have a blessed week!