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  • Motivational Seminars and Speeches
  • Personal Development
  • Team Building
  • Sales Training

Speaking Topics

Personal Development Liberates The Human Being To Reach Their God Given Potential In Life: Personal Development

  • The Must Have Characteristics of Success for every person and team
  • How to Acquire and Grow these characteristics
  • Turning these characteristics into results over and over
  • Success By Design Not By Accident:Team Building
  • Logan’s proven method to building successful outcomes using his systematic approach
  • Creating , Sustaining, and Advancing success
  • Key success pillars
  • The Three Momentums Every person and team must have
  • Goal Setting and Visualization

Building A Championship Team: Team Building

  • Creating a winning culture
  • The 5 Musts of a Winning team
  • Creating a system of success that is sustainable
  • Characteristics of a great teammate
  • Role of the mentor and protégée
  • Mentor vs. model
  • How to increase productivity
  • Know who should and shouldn’t be on the team
  • Problem solving

Mastering The Art of Recruiting and Sales:- Sales Training

  • The best don’t sell!
  • The 3 Types of Recruiting
  • Knowing what makes your client/customer take action
  • Mastering the different personality types
  • The keys to the close
  • Sticky clients/customers
  • Two types of people in networking
  • How to consider objections
  • Setting Goals and DMO

The Best Engage: Winning With People-Team Building

  • How to never run out of real leads
  • What Influence Really Is
  • What “The Best” embodies
  • Proper employee/team culture

Substance-Personal Development

  • What kind of Apple Are you?
  • What it takes to be the BEST!
  • Mindset of a champion

Embracing Adversity-Motivational

  • How to find the best in a bad situation
  • Turning a bad situation into opportunity
  • Peaks and Valleys of life and business
  • How to Get Back Up!
  • Problem Solving

Finding Your Purpose in Life-Motivational

  • Understanding God’s Will in your life
  • Priorities
  • Success to Significance
  • Dream Big

Topic: Ministry

  • God supplies the power, we supply the attitude!
  • God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit
  • Understanding and seeking His Will
  • What success really is
  • Success vs Significance


Logan’s fees for speaking & training sessions are determined by a multitude of factors including things such as audience size, speech duration, travel required, dates requested, materials needed, and related logistical items. We invite you to complete the speaker booking request on this page and we will contact you to discuss your unique needs. We look forward to speaking with you!

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