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Logan Stout's Book - Stout Advice

Logan Stout is a recognized leader in personal development and team building, having personally created financial freedom for himself by the age of 25. In addition to being a multi-millionaire in the direct sales arena, he’s the Founder and CEO of the Dallas Patriots, one of the Nations largest and most successful baseball organizations.

Logan’s ability to impact an audience with life changing messages has resulted in standing room only crowds for years. Stout Advice reveals the step-by-step path to success, in a systematic compounding way for every person desiring to be, do, and have more.


Stage one starts with the individual:

  • Belief motivates
  • Vision directs
  • Courage acts
  • Discipline progresses

Stage one creates the foundation for stage two, building teams:

  • Relationships grow
  • Connections are made
  • Influence is earned
  • Success is possible
  • A legacy is built

This is a must read for business owners, networkers, coaches, teachers, ministers, and everyone that works with people! The keys to Logan’s success are revealed in this powerful message that will certainly impact anyone striving to reach their God given potential in life!

Author Bio:
Logan Stout is a highly sought after speaker and trainer due to his personal success in founding and running multiple multi-million dollar companies. Logan is the Founder of the Dallas Patriots Baseball organization (, one of the largest baseball organizations in the country. In addition, Logan was a millionaire in the direct sales arena by the age of 25. His background includes pro baseball, ministry, coaching, direct sales, speaking, and business ownership. Logan and his wife, Haley, reside in Dallas, Texas with their two boys Miles and Cooper.

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