In a climate where the goal of many is to achieve success regardless of the damaging cost to themselves and others, Logan Stout is a breath of fresh air. His own success in his life, both personally and professionally, validates the truths he shares in this book. Stout Advice will equip the reader to successfully reach lofty goals without stepping off the platform of integrity.

I heartily recommend Stout Advice as a helpful tool for those who want to ascend the stairs to accomplishment. Any group who is fortunate enough to hear Logan Stout speak will be instructed by his knowledge, motivated by his zeal and inspired by a spiritual integrity that is rare.

Dr. Steve McVey
Author, best selling Grace Walk

“A major key to my success was without question, team building. Logan’s wisdom in Stout Advice is spot on for anyone wanting to accomplish major success in any arena!”
Bestselling author of Shark Tales and star of ABC’s Shark Tank- Barbara Corcoran

“I know first hand the importance of networking and surrounding yourself with the right people…this book illustrates the keys to doing so. Huge insight for everyone regardless of your profession!”
THE SHARK DAYMOND JOHN-Star of ABC’s the Shark Tank, Author, Business Mogul

“Logan’s life is a great example of how the power of enthusiastic belief in God, in a mission, and in oneself can propel a person to success. He has established himself as a creative doer and giver. He has translated his faith into the business world and in his fantastic youth baseball program that has affected so many young lives for the better.”
Del Harris, NBA Coach of the Year, NBA Hall of Fame nominee, Author

“Stout Advice illustrates the game plan everyone aspiring to be successful should embrace. These insights are excellent for all entrepreneurs and should be passed along to everyone wanting to progress in the world of business!”
Ryan Shea-President, Entrepreneur Media Inc (Entrepreneur Magazine, etc.)

As a teenaged entrepreneur, accomplished athlete, coach, and corporate sales leader, Logan Stout pulled together a cache of dynamic truths which fueled his meteoric success. His new book, Stout Advice, lays out in a clear and accessible way the catalytic principles that readers in various fields can leverage for their own growth and effectiveness!”
Jim Johnson-Senior Pastor, Preston Trail Community Church

Logan Stout’s book “Stout Advice” is a mind-thumping, illuminating, motivating, inspiring, fully comprehensive read to guide one to a wholistic successful life.  While reading this book, I felt as if Logan were literally in the room with me giving me personal friend-to-friend advice that would allow me to take my life to a whole new level! Though this book was a quick read, I know that it will be a compass I use to guide me and my family in all of our future endeavors.  I would strongly encourage everyone to get this book and read it without any hesitation so that it can be as instrumental to you as it continues to be for me.

Jonathan Evans, Dallas Cowboys Chaplain, former NFL player

Logan has spent many years learning and living the principles of true success. So, through this book, he is able to authentically share these practices while instilling confidence.

He not only ensures us that we have been given the talent and resources required, but he motivates us to unlock our potential and apply his techniques in order to move from just dreaming about success to accomplishing success. This book is a must read for everyone – from those just starting their careers, to the seasoned business manager.

Pete Delkus-Chief Meterologist, WFAA Ch. 8 News

Logan Stout delivers one of the most dynamic, inspiring, and passionate motivational messages I have ever heard. He understands with perfect clarity his purpose here on earth, and he possesses a passion to assist others in becoming the very best they can be. His messages are in one word, moving. He speaks from the heart and soul, and into the heart and soul of another. He confirms the notion that success is driven internally, not externally, and that there’s a difference between the ‘push’ of motivation, such as what he delivers, and the ‘pull’ of inspiration, which he so effectively triggers in those to whom he speaks. Logan is most definitely on the path toward his Greatness, and what he has to share is, well, Stout Advice!
Randy B. Smith
Author of, “Lessons to Learn on Your Journey to Greatness
Staff Instructor at Champions School of Real Estate
Consultant, Speaker, Real Estate Salesperson, and Coach

I learned a tremendous amount by reading this book. Having been involved in relational marketing for the better part of a decade, and having read a ton of success books along the way, I can honestly say that Logan’s book is one of the best books to come out in a long time. Get it and get ready to succeed.

Robert, TX

Stout Advice is GREAT advice! Logan’s wisdom is both practical and motivational. It translates to any business or walk of life and will yield true success if all aspects of it are applied. Thanks, Logan, for putting your experience into words, not just for your boys but the rest of us will profit as well!

Sandy Setliff

“I have had the pleasure to meet and listen to several speakers in my career, some great speakers that deliver amazing messages either of motivational or of a personal and professional development nature – It’s rare to find a speaker like Logan that has first hand experience in both and that can deliver a message that covers all bases engaging the audience at every turn. If you are a fan of Robbins – you will be a fan of Stout”

JP Piccinini – Entrepeneur and Broker – JP and Associates REALTORs.

Over the years I’ve seen Logan on the high school basketball court, the baseball diamond, as a Youth Minister, incredibly successful business man, and as a friend. One thing has never changed over the years… his heart and passion for for others to know Christ and to know their potential for becoming what God created them to be. Just as Logan used Premiere Baseball Academy to help boys reach their potential in athletics and in their faith, he does the same thing now for everyone in “Stout Advice“. I would recommend it for anyone in business, team building, working with volunteers, ministries, and non-profits. I’m so thankful he has not chosen to retire and hit the gold course, but instead share his heart and passion with the rest of us.

Brian Summerall
Director, Young Life Ministry Strategy 41

I bought Stout Advice after hearing Logan speak at an event recently. Stout Advice is filled with real-world applicable tools that are delivered in text the same way Logan speaks; raw and to the point. You get exactly what you need to understand how to succeed, without all the fluff and clutter stories that tend to invade many personal development books. There seriously needs to be a “pocket version” of this book!!

Scott R. Tucker, Life Coach/Radio Host/Author

Logan, a brief note of thanks. As a former D1 baseball player (many years ago) and a dad of 4 girls (ages 8, 6, and twins that are 2), many of the insights in Stout Advice really hit home with me. At times, life seems out of control. The perspectives that you outline in your book bring it back into focus. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to putting them into practice in all facets of my life. Have a great Father’s Day.

Michael Smith

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